Christmas 2014

It's coming up to Christmas time here at aTech HQ. We'll be closed for the Christmas period from 24th December until 2nd January. During this time, »

Finding a frontend workflow isn't easy

When I joined aTech Media in March this year, I was confident in my CSS methodology and workflow. It made sense to me, and I was »

Introducing Deploy 2.0

Deploy's interface has remained pretty much unchanged since it's beta introduction in 2010. The app has changed since then and become more complicated, so we decided »

Reducing style repetition with Sass Maps and RGBA

Earlier this week, I posted this pen on Codepen as a means of documenting a few interesting things I had learnt whilst building a multi-theme application. »

Ruby Tips & Tricks: Part 2

Last week, I posted part one of my Ruby Tips & Tricks for people new to Ruby. In part two, we've got a whole new set »