A new website

We're currently working on making our branding more consistent. This started when we launched the new aTech Identity interface and then started our new suggestions site. »

Billing, SaaS startups & accounting software

After speaking to a few people, I've noticed that a number of startups and SaaS companies are unsure on the best way to integrate their custom »

A new look aTech Identity

For those of you who don't know, aTech Identity is our single sign on system which is used across many of our apps to allow you »

Christmas 2014

It's coming up to Christmas time here at aTech HQ. We'll be closed for the Christmas period from 24th December until 2nd January. During this time, »

Finding a frontend workflow isn't easy

When I joined aTech Media in March this year, I was confident in my CSS methodology and workflow. It made sense to me, and I was »