Getting to know Codebase Commit Scanning

Commit scanning enables meta-data to be included with your commit message that can interface with Codebase's time tracking and ticketing systems.

First off, for this to work we need to make sure your Git client is all set up properly. The e-mail address in your Git client must match one of the e-mail addresses on your Codebase account. For the command-line client you would use:

git config --global ""

If the commit you've been working on goes towards completing a certain ticket in your project you can reference that ticket in your commit. Your commit reference will now show up in your ticket history.

[touch: #53]

You may also reference multipe tickets in the same commit by separating them with a comma:

[touch: #54, #55]

Once you've compelted the work required for the ticket, you can change the status by replacing 'touch' from the previous command with the name of the status you want to change to. Again, you can use multiple references if you wish.

[Completed: #53]

If you'd like to log how much time you've spent on a commit, we've got that covered too. Just add the amount of time you've spent in minutes in the following format:

{t: 60}

If you've referenced a ticket, the time added will get linked to that, otherwise an unlinked time entry will be added.

Putting this all together, we could have a commit message that looks like this:

I'd like this commit message to complete ticket 1 and add some time [Completed: #1] {t:20}

That creates a ticket update that looks like this: